Renew your membership


The annual fee to renew membership is $24 ($2 per month) or $48 for two years. The annual fee was used this past year to plan our annual events, such as the Halloween Party and Valentine’s Party, Helping Hands meals, among other things.

In cases of financial hardship, applicants may request a fee waiver in the comments section of the application form.


Complete and submit the form below. 

To pay the membership fee, you have two options: Checkout via PayPal (as a guest or via your own account). Or mail the membership coordinator a check, made payable to Wheaton Area Moms; contact the membership coordinator for the preferred mailing address.


Members are expected to participate in at least one of WAM & Fam’s volunteer service project events each year (when this resumes), pending service opportunities.

Legal statement

I, the undersigned, understand that my participation and the participation of any members of my family in any WheatonArea Moms function or program is completely voluntary, and I hereby give permission for me and my family to participate in those functions or programs. I and my family shall hold harmless the Wheaton Area Moms organization, any of its volunteers or representatives, and/or the providers of any function or program location and/or materials from any liability and/or responsibility for any accident, illness, or injury that occurs during or as a result of any function or program. I accept that the final responsibility for my safety and that of my family rests with me.

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